CmdHere Powertoy For Windows XP

CmdHere Powertoy For Windows XP 1.0

Adds an option to launch the Windows console in the context-menu
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Use the Windows right-click menu to launch a CMD console from any folder and automatically create a path to it in the console.

CmdHere is one of the several so called “PowerToys” for Windows XP, available at the download section of the Microsoft Corporation Web site. These PowerToys are little applications that add a specific functionality to the operating system.
What CmdHere basically does is adds an option to the context menus of the folders to quickly access a command window. It’s a shortcut for the cmd.exe file with the additional advantage that the command window, which will be opened, will automatically set the path to the folder from which you execute cmd.exe. The new option will show up on the context menus after the program's installation, and you will identify it as CMD SHELL:\>

But the same action can be performed by simply pressing on the 'Win'+'R' buttons and entering 'cmd' in the window that will be opened.

There’s no more to say about this PowerToy but that it is free and won’t have any Microsoft Technical support, just like any other PowerToy. The only way to uninstall CmdHere is through the Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs option; it will not create a program group or any access to uninstalling.

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  • It won't have Microsoft technical support
  • Useless, as the same action can be performed by pressing on the 'Win'+'R' buttons and entering 'cmd' there
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